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Our Story

We are Dink

Dink is bringing together 5,555 individuals worldwide that are excited about growing, influencing, and most importantly, playing the sport of pickleball

Membership Benefits

Community events, exclusive product discounts from our sponsors, and the chance to win real cash prizes in our series and annual tournaments


Dink is attending major pickleball events worldwide for both locals and pros to create activations for our community to come together 

Club Discounts

Members-only access to discounts, incentives, and exclusive drops

Tournament Access

Play in monthly community-hosted tournaments for real cash prizes

Community Influence

Have a say in the play: our community members decide our rules

Lasting Value

Unlock exclusive pickleball experiences for the next five years


We’re assembling a rockstar list of partners & sponsors with a catalog of discounts and perks that are only available to Dink members -
Announcements coming soon!


Dink will host monthly tournaments with the opportunity to win real cash prizes: one tournament each month of the year, in a new location, every time


Cash prize for our 3 Series Tournaments


Cash prize for our annual Finalists Tournament


Cash prize for our annual Finalists Tournament

Our Story


Let's create largest community-driven amateur pickleball circuit


Tournaments will run from Friday through Sunday


We will host a Welcome Party on Thursday nights pre-tournament and a Closing party on Sunday evening featuring live musical performances


Open courts are available for non- eligible players to meet and play amongst themselves

Our Story


Dink is a collection of 5,555 unique NFT tokens. Each Dink NFT has different attributes and perks.

8 pieces


10 pieces


8 pieces


8 pieces


8 pieces


8 pieces


7 pieces


8 pieces

Facial Hair

24 pieces


8 pieces


8 pieces


8 pieces

This Season's Roadmap

Phase 1
Once we have at least 5,500 members signed up, we will countdown the days to mint. The price to mint a membership NFT will be 2 ETH
Phase 2
Open our token-gated pro shop of holders to purchase custom gear and to start taking advantage of member perks with our partnered brands
Phase 3
DaYS 30-60
Decide on DAO dictated aspects of upcoming tournament play, including the location of our first series tournament.
Phase 4
DayS 60-90
- Tournament #1 registration opens
- Members decide the location of tournament #2
Phase 5
DayS 90-240
- Tournament #1 matchmaking begins
- Tournament #2 registration opens
- Tournament #3 location is decided
Phase 6
DayS 240-340
Tournaments locations are decided & players are matched and registered for our finals tournament
Join the club

Sign up for our whitelist or check us out on discord

Join the club

Sign up for our whitelist or check us out on discord



What is pickleball?

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in america. Its a combination of tennis, racquetball, and ping pong. It’s easy to learn, and fast to play. Originally started in 1964, the sport grew in popularity in senior communities because of its low impact game play on bad knees and arthritic joints.

Is Dink for everyone? Do I have to be a professional?

This community, these tournaments, and our events are for players of all ages and skill levels. The biggest goal here is to bring together a group of enthusiasts that want to have a little competitive fun.

What’s a DAO? I just play pickleball and have never heard of it.

A DAO, or “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” is a community-led entity with no central authority. It is fully autonomous and transparent: smart contracts lay the foundational rules, execute the agreed upon decisions, and at any point, proposals, voting, and even the very code itself can be publicly audited.

Should it be all mixed doubles? Should the tournament be broken down into singles/doubles/and by other demographics; for multiple smaller cash prizes? Which pickleball events outside of our own tournaments do we want to be present at and have destination activations? Ultimately these decisions will factor into how many qualifying tournaments each player are able to register per year? How many people will be able to be accommodated at each tournament? What is the bottom line cost to assure that the experience is top tier, and up to the standards we intend there to be?

We’ve created some bumper rail guidelines, but many of these decisions are up to the community as a whole.

Why an NFT? Couldn’t we just create a club with membership dues?

We wanted to create a set of events and tournaments that we can guarantee are able to run for 5 years, under set economics without constantly asking members to buy further in and spend more money. 

Most importantly, we’re putting the power in the community to decide key aspects of how the tournaments will play and operate. 

The NFT community is actually going to act as a DAO, to decide the gameplay, destinations, and outcomes that excite the majority of the community. Every NFT will act as token/vote for us as a community to propose changes, make decisions at roadblocks, and ultimately decide what the greater good is for the community. 

For example, some of the decisions we want to decide as a collective is:

Should tournaments be single elimination, double elimination, or sets of 3 games with the winner of 2 advancing on?

Should the games play to 11, or 15, or should the winner be whoever is winning after 20 minutes of consistent game play?

Which of these 5 locations should be where we host our first tournament? Second? Third? And so on?

I'd like to be a member but not participate in tournaments, am I able to stake my NFT?

We realize that not all holders will want to play, and we also realize that some players will want to play but won't have the NFT to be eligible to participate. We’re going to allow non nft holding players “apply for staking” by submitting reels and Scorecards for NFT holders to stake their nft and allow one of these players to play on their behalf. If a Staked NFT/Player wins, the cash winnings will be split between the original holder and the player that participated.

How is Dink going to be able to guarantee this community will exist and persist? What are the Tokenomics?

- 5,000 original NFTs available for mint at 2 ETH each (18,000 ETH)
- 1,000 NFTs set aside for endorsements and partnerships
- 40% of revenue going towards Tournament Costs
- 30% of revenue going to administrative costs
- 10% of revenue set aside for Legal/Accounting/Professional Services
- 10% of revenue set aside for partners
- 10% of revenue given to the Treasury for the DAO to decide how they would like to use the funds for any community desired reason/initiative

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